Sunday School

Sunday school is a great time for small group study and fellowship geared for all ages and stages of life.  Please join us!

More information can be found about classes for:  2017-2018 Fall Sunday School.

Coggin Christian Education Endowment Fund

2018 Grants


There are many, many ways to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. The possibilities are unlimited!  What is your idea?

Does your idea. . .

  • fit with or enhance the mission of Newnan Presbyterian Church?
  • fall outside the scope of our normal operating budget?
  • expand or enhance our Christian Education efforts either within or outside of our church walls?

If so, then the Coggin Christian Education Endowment Fund (CCEEF) might be able to help you make it a reality.   Whether you have a grand vision or a simple unfulfilled need, apply for funding today. 

2018 grant applications are being accepted through February 1st.  To obtain an application form, contact the church office, Christian Education Elder Shirley Lukens, or print one here.

NPC education logo

Christian Education
    Educating our community towards spiritual maturity…     

Are you ready to grow?    

Providing a quality Christian education program for every age and stage of life is the foundation for nurturing Christian families and an individual’s faith journey.  We strive to provide curriculum, educational activities and events that are accessible, creative, fun, relevant, and have real-life application.  To find out more contact our church secretary, or if visiting us, ask one of our greeters to help you find the right program.

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