Connections Ministry

An American Story
March 10, 2019, at 3:00pm
Wadsworth Auditorium
No Cost

Please share the news of this event by announcing it and posting it on social media. If you would like posters to advertise the event, contact the church secretary.

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Chris can be seen in the Netflix documentary, KKK: The Fight for White Supremacy. He is in the black robe in various scenes, including one with his young sons.

The Connections Ministry, collaborating with other church ministries, has a mission of growing ties within individual families and connecting generations within our congregation so we may recognize and work together to meet the diverse needs within our church family and the community around us.


Newnan Presbyterian Church is hosting a community event, titled “An American Story”, on March 10th, at the Wadsworth Auditorium.  Two men, two unlikely friends, will present.  Each man is the embodiment of a true American story and addresses many of the political issues we hear about nightly on the news in a human way.

Heval Mohamed Kelli’s story is that of a Muslim, Syrian refugee coming to America as a teenager two weeks after the 911 attacks. Being a Kurd, his family faced ethnic persecution which forced them to leave Syria. He soon found a job as a dishwasher in a Mediterranean café supporting his entire family. He has since gone on to become a cardiologist currently doing a fellowship at Emory University Hospital a block away from the café where he once washed dishes.

Christopher Buckley is an Army veteran having served three tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is a recovering addict. He was full of hate for Muslims, they killed his best friend. He even tattooed the infidel symbol on his arm so all would be clear of this hate. Adapting to life after the army, he joined the KKK, burned crosses, and rose to the position of imperial knight hawk.

After having children, his wife tells that he would leave for the store then call from jail. She implored him to leave the KKK, which he ultimately did.  He continues his path of redemption every day. As a step in Chris’s reformation, he was offered to meet a Muslim, Heval. They are now friends.

Please join us to hear these men speak about what unites us being far more than what divides us at 3:00 on Sunday, March 10, 2019 at Wadsworth auditorium in downtown Newnan.

This is a free event and no tickets are necessary. Heval and Chris will take questions from the audience. There will be a reception after to continue the conversation with Heval and Chris.

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