Officers and Leaders 2016 - 2018

Deacons are chosen by the congregation as the "caregivers," being the "eyes and ears" to the needs of members of the congregation. Then the Deacons are the "hands and heart" of the church as they minister to particular needs as well as creating opportunities for service and fellowship.


  Class of 2017   Class of 2018   Class of 2019
  Lee Abbott - Neighborhood 7   Jim Camp - Neighborhood 1   Skin Edge V - Neighborhood 10
  Kate Caswell - Diaconate Chair   Vicki Hunter - Neighborhood 2   Lisa Davies - Neighborhood 5
  Larry Harkleroad - Neighborhood 6   Becky Hutchins - Neighborhood 9   Linda Hubbard - Neighborhood 11
  Lynn Huffstickler - Neighborhood 3   Dick Kozma - Neighborhood 4   Janet Flanagan - Neighborhood 8
  Nick Kantorczyk - Youth        

Know Your Deacon 

Do you know your neighborhood deacon?  Each of our members is assigned to a neighborhood deacon. Deacons reach out and minister to members and visitors in their neighborhood.

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Elders are chosen by the congregation. Together with ministers, the elders exercise leadership, government and discipline, and have responsibilities for the life of the church. Each elder has responsibilities for a particular ministry.  



  Class of 2017  

Class of 2018

  Class of 2019
  Harris Anderson, Property   Doug Dreyer, Youth   Sam Bowers, Outreach
  Hans Boesing, Finance   Donna Mattke, Worship   Pam Ellen, Technology
  Ginger Hearnburg, Christian Ed   Audrey Spragins, Family   Wesley Howard, Long Range Plan
  Lena Pope, Senior Adults   Mark Werner, Property   Kitty Lambert, Fellowship
  Lissa Rand, Membership       Earl Smith, Personnel
  Brady Taylor, Youth        
  Walter Krauth, Clerk        

You can find information about each ministry and the contact info for the leaders of those ministries here.

Policies and Forms

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