What We Believe


Because Presbyterians are sure

that nothing in life or death can

separate us from the love of God

in Christ Jesus, we are excited

to share that love in word, and

in deed, with all, and to live as

witnesses to what we have

received in Christ!



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The core of our faith is this: God we know in Jesus Christ loves each of us and all people (all creation) with a love stronger than death.  Through redeeming love, God transforms us into new people; we are set free to live holy and joyful lives; and we have the promised gift of life eternal. 

Christ has died; Christ is risen; Christ will come again: this is the mystery and the miracle of the faith.  We believe that what Christians share is much more important than the things about which we disagree.

Being “Presbyterian” is not about having an unchanging set of doctrines and ideas about Christian faith.  Rather, being “Presbyterian” is a way of thinking, and practicing, the faith with other Christians.


Marks of Being a Presbyterian


  • Appreciate, respect, enjoy and learn from the contributions of the past.
  • Place a strong value on history: the history of the Church and the history of Biblical interpretation
  • Know that American Christianity (even American Presbyterianism) is not the only way to be either Christian or Presbyterian.
  • Recognize that God is at work everywhere, not just in the Church and among believers; we believe that the whole earth/universe is God’s realm.



  • Know that every aspect of human life is marked by sin and self-interest and that every culture and institution (including the Church) has blind spots.
  • Look critically at everything, including ourselves.
  • Know that anything we know, we know only in part.



  • Believe that the Christian faith is engaged faith: engaged with the world and with human culture.
  • Believe we are called to live out our Christian faith in the world (not just in the Church).
  • Believe that daily life and work (the jobs that people do and the home-life they construct) is every bit as much a “vocation” from God as ordained ministry or leadership in the Church.
  • Believe that Christian life is not only about personal morality and spiritual disciplines.  Christian life is also about the promoting “social righteousness” and showing the Kingdom of God to the world.



  • Believe that our faith is not ultimately about fear. When the Bible says that the “fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” it means honoring, respect, and awe.
  • Believe that ultimately our faith is all about grace… about God’s freely and unconditionally given love in Jesus Christ!
  • Believe that to live gratefully is to be free and hopeful and confident and generous; it is to be outwardly, rather than inwardly, directed.
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