Pastoral Search Journey:  Finding Our Direction

We are embarking on a new journey. At the end of this journey, we expect a positive and most rewarding outcome for us and our church. Yes, it is painful and unsettling and we will miss our Harry and Madeline. But, it is also exciting as we faithfully follow God's lead to find our new direction. We want to participate in God's plan rather than try to create the plan. As we work through this journey to call a pastor for our congregation, may we count on the prayers of all members of this community of faith to uphold us, just as we trust His Spirit to guide us.

Check out the coffee room! 
A visual of the whole transition process has been posted to the wall and is updated as each step is completed.


The Transition Team was approved by the Session to coordinate and oversee the Interim and Senior Pastor nominating process required by the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta. We are working diligently to make sure that the process moves as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Holy Cow! Church Assesment Tool (CAT)
The results of this survey, presented in early May, have provided us with a clearer picture of who we are as a church and what directions might be important for our future.  These findings will play a vital role in the search for both the Interim Pastor and our new Senior Pastor. Read the Executive Summary Highlights.



Hasco Craver
Brad Crosby
Kitty Lambert
Shirley Lukens


The Interim Pastor Search Committee was appointed by the Transition Team. This committee is steadily preparing to search for a temporary pastor that will serve and guide us until the new Senior Pastor position is filled.

Transition Process Update
With the Church Assessment Tool (CAT) survey successfully completed, the search is now underway to find an Interim Senior Pastor.  The Interim Pastor Search Committee finalized a job description earlier this month.  The job description has been approved by the Session and forwarded to the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta for distribution.  The committee hopes to begin to receive and review resumes in late August. 



Nancy Ballard
Caitlin DeLano
Janet Flanigan
John Gray
Walter Krauth



The Senior Pastor Search Committee will begin after the Interim Pastor is in place. The Holy Cow! CAT results will be used to create job descriptions and to find a new Senior Pastor.

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